Sunday, February 12, 2017

I've got a dream

I wish I could say that life has gotten better since I last wrote.  But alas, the exact opposite has happened.  My Mom's cancer has spread to her spine and back.  After receiving such devastating news I ate my way through my emotions.  Numbing the reality that my Mom had gotten worse and probably has just 6 months to live.  As I consumed those foods my body fell into greater disrepair.  My foot hurt more, I felt sick, I was tired, and I found it hard to care for my family as well as spend 2 days out of the week helping my Mom.  I was going against everything the Lord had asked me to do too.  I had received some pretty amazing answer to prayer and I turned my back on everything.  I am ashamed of my behavior.  But I am grateful that I only let it go on for a few weeks instead of several months.  Sometimes it lasts a lot longer.  I know what I have to do.  I have heard and read a few things recently that have helped me to get my motivation and determination back.

First:  I was listening to the radio about they were discussing the topic of reaching your dreams.  The gentlemen said something very profound.  I've heard it before but it just supports everything that the Lord has been trying to tell me, "You have to work harder then you've ever worked before. You have to work at achieving your dream every single day."  The Lord has told me that I am not working hard enough on myself.  This brief statement that I heard felt like a reminder from the Lord that I need to get back to work and work harder then I've ever worked before to make my dream of living the Healthiest Life come true.  Its going to be uncomfortable.  Its going to take a lot of time and preparation.  Its going to take a lot of personal sacrifice.  Its going to take a lot of faith and believing in myself like I've never believed before.

Second:I've been engaged in this Medical Medium book for a few weeks now.  Yesterday I felt prompted to revisit the section on stress.  This is what it said:

View stress as a messenger.  What is the stress telling you?  That you're needed on this planet, that you're useful, that you have a purpose.  If you are stressed out to the max, if you fell up against it, like pressure is coming at you from every direction, then you are on the frontiers of purpose -- you have a purpose-plus.  Purpose-plus means you are engaged on the next level above ordinary living, that you truly touch others with your life.  And that demands a lot from you.  Stress is not trying to kill you.  It's a master teacher that is trying to communicate with you.  It's trying to test you, though it's not about any sort of score.  Just being chosen for this test makes you instantly successful.  The world is becoming something new and different...  Rather than looking at stress as an invader, understand that stress is preparing you to be a master.  Say hello to stress.  Recognize it as a familiar face, someone you are about, and look it in the eye.  Greet stress as your great mentor.  Feel almost sorry for stress.  After all, you will move past it, rise above it, succeed it -- you'll leave it behind.  When dealing with stress, its key to remember this impermanence.  No matter what, all things change.  Nothing will stay the same.  In the moment when stress is pushing you pas your capacity, when you feel in dire need of relief, remind yourself that it will not last.  Staying sane is less about managing stress and more about interacting with it.  Instead of trying to fight against stress, communicate with it.  Even consider letting stress reside at your address.  Welcome it to your table.  Break bread with stress.  Acknowledge it as you drink your warm bowl of soup with stress beside you, offering it honor and respect, as though it's a coach who has moed in to get you into prime shape. The approach of seeing stress as a messenger, friend, teacher, mentor, body worker, and a coach makes stress less stressful. It is a powerful technique to help us grow and adapt to the challenges of our time.  -- Anthony William

This spoke volumes to my soul.  I am very stressed out with having to help care for my mom, worrying about Jaren on a mission, my calling as Secretary in the Young Women's, and taking care of my own family and home.  This helped me realize that my life has purpose, that I am needed and that I have a lot to give to those around me. I need to figure out what stress is trying to tell me.  I need to listen to its message, understand it, and move past it.

Third: I am battling inflammation.  Which is causing my food to ache and my body to gain weight.

To combat this, I am focusing on foods and herbs that help to reduce the inflammation in my body.  The foods that I need to be eating go hand in hand with the foods that Anthony Michael talks about in his medical medium book.  I will be creating my meals around these foods.  I am praying that this will help my foot to heal, and the rest of my body to start losing weight.  After all, that is my dream.

My dream is to wake up and not have to struggle with food.  To find peace with food.  To naturally reach for foods that are healing, supportive and bring me joy and true comfort. My dream is to be able to walk into a store and not be overwhelmed by the urge to purchase soda and sweets.  My dream is to be happy in my skin and feel attractive and comfortable in my clothes.  To achieve these goals I am going to have to work harder, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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